Writing is one of the best methods of building one’s experience, developing résumé or just learning about the world around you. At Edinburgh University European Union Society we understand it and want to help you in boosting your talents.

Europa Magazine

Do you want to share your views on European politics, economy, society or culture? There is not better place than our own brand new magazine. With us, you will be able to publish your own professional articles in the printed edition of Europa Magazine twice a year, or a shorter informal comment on our website whenever you want to.

How to get involved?

We don’t require experience, we build it.



Darrow is a Scottish electronic paper committed to empowering young writers and to supporting emerging talent across a multitude of countries and sectors. Members of the Edinburgh University European Union Society have written for Darrow and they recommend doing it. Follow the steps on their website and publish your first articles!

The New Federalist

The New Federalist is an electronic paper issued by our friends from Young European Federalists in 7 languages around Europe. You can write in English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian or Dutch for them! From our own experience we know that their editors are really professional and helpful. No matter which language you master, you will feel welcome there. If you want to write for them, follow their advice on the New Federalist website.