Activity Log

We believe that we must be transparent and honest as a society. This is why we want to be open and clear on what we are planning, doing and changing at the Edinburgh University European Union Society.

Robert Jacek Włodarski, President

Recent activity:


PAPER: Our Secretary Ragnor Comerford is doing his best to have our brand new academic paper organised.

BLOG: Our Legal Analyst Aathira Prakash is working on the first entry for our blog on the rights of the EU-based citizens in the UK.

WEBSITE: Our Secretary Ragnor Comerford has launched our new website!

EVENTS / CAREER: Our President Robert Jacek Włodarski is organising an event bout EU-funding opportunities for the EU and UK-based students in Edinburgh. EUSoc will hold this event with EuroPeersUK in the third week of September.

EVENTS / ACADEMIC: Our Vice-President Donald Campbell is organising an event about the EU-Withdrawal Bill, which will be held in the first week of October.

EVENTS / SOCIALS: Our Social Secretary Yashil Gopee is working together with EUSA on organisation of our Freshers Week socials.

EVENTS / SOCIALS: Our Secretary Ragnor Comerford is working on a Language Tandem event.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Our President Robert Jacek Włodarski has set up an Instagram account for the society.

OPPORTUNITIES: Our President Robert Jacek Włodarski works with Europa Institute and other organisations on providing opportunities for the members.

MEMBERSHIP: Our President Robert Jacek Włodarski is recruiting new members to the sponsorship and events teams.