Sponsorship Team

This year Edinburgh University European Union Society will have its own sponsorship team made of 1st and 2nd year students only. We want to be a society that provides our members with various development opportunities. Click here to learn more about the positions available!


Sponsorship Officer – Michal Solčanský

     I study Economics with Finance in my second year. I prefer not to cover political topics, instead focusing on economic issues, for example fiscal oversight of EU member states, ECB monetary policy and (lack) of structural reforms in the euro area. If you want to talk, visit Pollock Halls, as I am an RA in one of the houses.


Sponsorship Officer – Jonas Volkwein

     I study Philosophy and Politics at the University of Edinburgh. I was born in Germany but have lived in the UK for over 15 years. My areas of interest are: political philosophy, free speech and the evolution of the EU into a federal state.

Sponsorship Officer – Grace Doyle

     Hey! I’m Grace and I’m a second year studying International Relations. I’m particularly interested in human rights, especially issues relating to gender and the empowerment of women.